Orbis PC Micro-XRF Analyzer


Offers advanced non-destructive elemental analysis with the flexibility to work across a wide range of sample types and shapes. There is minimal sample preparation. No coating is required. Orbis Micro-XRF Analyzers incorporate fast, simultaneous multi-element X-ray detection with the sensitivity to analyze from parts-per-million to 100% concentrations. Users can conduct elemental analysis on small samples, such as particles, fragments, and inclusions, or automated multi-point and imaging analysis on larger samples, with all of the benefits and simplicity of an XRF analyzer.


  • Three different spot sizes: 30μm, 1mm, 2mm
  • Sample chamber: vacuum or air
  • High precision computer-controlled XYZ stage
  • Dual CCD video
  • Automated primary beam filter system
  • Advanced 30mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), no liquid cryogen cooling required


AML 274

User Rates

Internal Assisted $80/hour
Internal Trained $60/hour
External Assisted $120/hour
External Trained $90/hour


To schedule time on this instrument or to learn more about its capabilities and user fees, etc. please contact:

Angelica Benavidez
Research Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering