JEOL 2010


High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)


JEOL 2010 200kV high-resolution transmission electron microscope is capable of a 0.19 nm point-to-point resolution. The instrument is fitted with a GATAN Orius high speed CCD camera for digital image acquisition. The EDS system on this instrument is a new Oxford INCA system with an ultra thin window EDS detector capable of detecting all elements down to boron.



  • Acceleration Voltage: 200kV
  • Beam source: LaB6
  • Point to point resolution: 0.19 nm
  • Lattice resolution: 0.14 nm
  • Tilt Range: ± 15°



User Rates (Contact NCF, or refer to their rates)

Internal Assisted $80/hour
Internal Trained $50/hour
External Assisted $200/hour
External Trained $135/hour


Northrop Hall Room B04


To schedule time on this instrument or to learn more about its capabilities and user fees, etc. please contact:

Adrian Brearley
Distinguished Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Director, Nanomaterials Characterization Facility
505 507 0448