Hitachi S-5200 Nano SEM/Oxford Aztec X-MAX 80 EDS

SEM S-5200Description: 

The Hitachi S-5200 ultra-resolution microscope is one of the highest resolution SEMs available today. It is capable of producing outstanding images of samples typically difficult to image over a magnification range from 100 to 2,000,000 X. The microscope is ideally suited for observation of non-conductive materials such as ceramics, polymers, catalysts, biological materials and semiconductors. Its guaranteed resolution at 1 kV is 1.7 nm and at 30 kV is 0.5 nm.  The microscope is also equipped with an Oxford Aztec X-MAX 80 EDS system, capable of elemental analysis at fast processing speeds, with quantitative and qualitative analysis modes, such as point-and-ID, X-ray mapping, and linescan, as well as conventional spectrum generation and evaluation.  


AML 157

User Rates

Internal Assisted $100/hour
Internal Trained $70/hour
External Assisted $150/hour
External Trained $105/hour


Geoff Courtin
Research Engineer II: Chemical & Biological Engineering