CMEM Equipment:

Shared equipment is available at UNM in various centers and departments and will be available for conducting the research described here. All of our shared equipment requires the user to get adequate training where individual use is allowed, or in some cases such as the XPS, students get to be in the lab but not operate the equipment hands-on. All user fees are borne by the faculty PI of the research group.

  • TEM/STEM The new Nanomaterials Characterization Facility (NCF) hosts a brand new JEOL NEOARM TEM in the PAIS building. This microscope offers many advanced, high-resolution, state-of-the-art features, also suitable for soft materials. Additionally, within the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at UNM, we have a JEOL 2010 purchased in 1992 and a JEOL 2010F TEM/STEM purchased in 2000.  Both 2010-series microscopes are equipped with Oxford EDS systems, an INCA system on the 2010 and an AZtec system on the 2010F. The JEOL 2010F also has a Gatan imaging system (GIF 2000).
  • FEG-SEM Hitachi S-5200 Nano SEM.  This SEM provides among the highest resolution available (1.7 nm at 1 kV and 0.5 nm at 30 kV).  Due to excellent facilities (e.g., vibration-isolation from vacuum pumps), the magnification ranges from x100 to x2M.  It is capable of energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for elemental analysis using the Oxford AZtec system.
  • FEG-SEM/FIB FEI Quanta 3D Dualbeam FEGSEM/FIB with EDAX Genesis EDS system and TSL EBSD.
  • XPS Kratos AXIS Ultra photoelectron spectrometer.  The XPS has both a monochromatic Al anode as well as a non-monochromatic Mg x-ray source.  The instrument contains a multi-sample autostage, for automated analysis.  This instrument has sub-micron spatial resolution, while spectra can be acquired from areas ranging from 15 microns to greater than several millimeters. 
  • XRD Currently available instruments are: PANalytical X'Pert Pro, Rigaku Smart Lab powder diffractometer, and Rigaku Rapid II micro x-ray diffractometer.
  • Electron Microprobe  JEOL 8200 Superprobe with five WDS spectrometers.
  • TGA  TGA 5500 ...
  • Quantachrome system  Anton Paar Autosorb iQ-MP, suitable for physisorption as well as chemisorption.