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Mid-Career Researcher Award
April 25, 2019
Hongyou Fan, Sandia National Laboratories and The University of New Mexico Self-Assembly of Functional Nanoscale Materials The Mid-Career Researcher Award recognizes exceptional achievements in materials research made by mid-career professionals. Endowed by MilliporeSigma. Read More...

Datye recipient of 2019 Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis
March 4, 2019
The Robert Burwell Lectureship in Catalysis is given in recognition of substantial contributions to one or more areas in the field of catalysis with emphasis on discovery and understanding of catalytic phenomena, catalytic reaction mechanisms and identification and description of catalytic sites and species. Read More...

Brinker elected as Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
April 19, 2018
"This is an extremely prestigious honor, which recognizes the groundbreaking scientific work that Jeff has for many years been involved with at both UNM and through his joint appointment with Sandia National Laboratories," said Christos Christodoulou, Jim and Ellen King Dean of Engineering and Computing. Read More...

2016 FEI Image Contest Monthly Winners: Congratulations to Dr. Rita Serda: 2016 Winner of Macrophage Tunneling Nanotubes Image
September 30, 2016
Category: DualBeam Macrophage Tunneling Nanotubes Courtesy of Dr. Rita Serda Mouse macrophages communicate through bridges known as tunneling nanotubes. The nanotubes are active sites involved in endocytosis of nano particles and transport of nanoparticles between cells. This image was taken at a 52 degree tilt and the nanoparticles were false-colored red. Image Details Magnification: 25,000 Sample: mouse macrophages Detector: SE Voltage: 30 kV Horizontal Field Width: 15 um WorkingDistance: 10 Spot: 7.0 Taken by Quanta 3D Read More...

Researchers improve catalyst efficiency for clean industries
July 7, 2016
Researchers improve catalyst efficiency for clean industries: Researchers have developed a way to use less platinum in chemical reactions commonly used in the clean energy, green chemicals, and automotive industries, according to a paper published this week in Science. Read More...

CO2 Memzyme
July 22, 2015
CO2 Memzyme: Researchers: Susan Rempe, Jeff Brinker, Y-B Jiang and Juan Vanegas Read More...

Sandia, UNM ink pact to promote research, recruiting: MOU to enable deeper, stronger collaboration
July 13, 2015
Sandia, UNM ink pact to promote research, recruiting: MOU to enable deeper, stronger collaboration. The nation's largest national laboratory and New Mexico's flagship univeristy on Monday expanded their commitment to work together to help redefine the future of science and engineering for national security, partner on research and jointly recruit top researchers. Read More...

Brinker, Willman share Innovation Fellow Award from STC.UNM
April 16, 2015
C. Jeffrey Brinker, Distinguished and Regents' Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering in the UNM School of Engineering and Co-Director, Center for Micro-Engineered Materials, and Cheryl Willman, professor in the Department of Pathology at the UNM School of Medicine and Director and CEO of the UNM Cancer Center are the 2015 Innovation Fellows. Read More...

UNM fuel cell research may provide electrical backup at home
March 19, 2015
Research faculty members in the Center for Micro-Engineered Materials and Chemical and Biological Engineering Alexey Serov, Plamen Atanassov, Kateryna Artyushkova and Ivana Gonzales will spend the next two years working to develop materials for a cheaper, more durable and stable electrocatalyst for fuel cells. Read More...