Congratulations to Dr. Rita Serda: 2016 Winner of Macrophage Tunneling Nanotubes Image

September 30, 2016

MacrophagesCategory: DualBeam

Macrophage Tunneling Nanotubes

Courtesy of Dr. Rita Serda

Mouse macrophages communicate through bridges known as tunneling nanotubes. The nanotubes are active sites involved in endocytosis of nano particles and transport of nanoparticles between cells. This image was taken at a 52 degree tilt and the nanoparticles were false-colored red.

Image Details

Magnification: 25,000
Sample: mouse macrophages
Detector: SE
Voltage: 30 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 15 um
WorkingDistance: 10
Spot: 7.0

Taken by Quanta 3D

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