WITec Alpha300R

alpha 300rCharacteristics

  • 532 nm laser
  • High resolution Raman chemical mapping with a virtually unlimited number of image pixels
  • Complete Raman spectra is acquired at every pixel of the image
  • True diffraction limited optical resolution (200 nm lateral, 500 nm vertical at green excitation).
  • 10x (NA=0.24)
  • 20x (AFM) – water immersion (NA=0.4)
  • 50x (NA=0.75)
  • 100x (NA=0.9)
  • The unrivaled throughput and sensitivity of the WITec instrument allows it to take up to 1300 Raman spectra in one second with the EMCCD detector
  • Two grating options (600/mm and 1800/mm)
  • Spectral resolution 0.5-2.4 cm-1
  • Highest throughput on the order of 70%
  • The piezo stage scans at about 2.5-100 msec/pixel/spectra with a resolution of 3-4 nm
  • It is not necessary in the WITec system to translate the sample from the Raman to AFM position.
  • Large samples
  • Liquid samples
  • Modular processing software free for all users




AML room 155 

User Rates

Internal with operator: $50/hour
Internal without operator: $40/hour
External with operator: $70/hour
External without operator: $50/hour
Training, 4 hour session: $200 


Angelica Benavidez
Research Assistant Professor, Center for Micro Engineered Materials, Chemical & Biological Engineering