Nanomaterials Characterization Facility (NCF)

We are very excited to be establishing a new facility for our nanocharacterization instruments in the basement of the PAIS building on the main UNM campus; the facility is part of Interdisciplinary Sciences Coop. The equipment, including our XRD, FIB-SEM and TEM instruments will be housed in a 3000 square foot, custom-designed analytical suite in the basement of the brand new PAIS building on the main UNM campus. The new building is just north of Central and Yale on Redondo Drive.
PAIS Building
The suite consists of laboratory spaces for the instruments as well as sample preparation labs, office space for research staff and visits and a data processing and conference room. You may learn more about the facility, its capabilities, and access to the equipment by contacting: 

Adrian J. Brearley
Professor of Mineralogy
Earth and Planetary Sciences