Rigaku SmartLab

XRD smartlabDescription

A multi-purpose diffractometer for general powder diffraction, thin-film (both reflectivity and high-resolution rocking curve analysis), low-volume powder analysis, analysis of samples in capillaries, pole figure/texture analysis, transmission and reflection SAXS, and high temperature X-ray diffraction.


  • Scintillation detector with graphite monochromator or D/teX Ultra 1-dimensional silicon strip detector with Ni Kb filter for rapid data collection.
  • Easily switchable Bragg/Brentano or parallel beam optics.
    • Incident beam 2-bounce Ge monochromator for high resolution XRD. 
XRD space map
  • Eulerian cradle for measuring highly-textured samples and collecting data for pole figure analysis.

XRD eulerian cradleXRD pole figure

  • Anton Paar XRK900 stage for high temperature XRD (air, N2, H2, CO atmospheres). 

XRD stageXRD Pt growth

  • Cu Ka radiation is standard. Co Ka and Mo Ka are also available.


Northrop Hall B25

User Rates

Internal Assisted $85/hour
Internal Trained $60/hour
External Assisted $140/hour
External Trained $10/hour


To schedule time on this instrument or to learn more about its capabilities and user fees, etc. please contact:

Eric Peterson