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Atanassov to receive the 2014 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow Award

March 20, 2014

picture of Atanassov

Plamen B. Atanassov was chosen to receive the 2014 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow Award in recognition of his achievements as one of the University of New Mexico's leading innovators. This special award is presented each year by the STC.UNM (STC) Board of Directors to a university faculty inventor whose body of technologies has made a significant social and economic impact on society and the marketplace. The award will be presented to Atanassov at STC's 2014 Innovation Awards Dinner on April 3.

Read the full text of "Atanassov to receive the 2014 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow Award"

Improved Low-Temperature Performance of Catalytic Converters

January 27, 2014

"Researchers from the University of New Mexico and Argonne National Laboratory simulated diesel oxidation catalysts with 2.5% Pd and tested in two different preparations, one with alumina only and one with La-stabilized alumina. Each catalyst was roasted to 500° C to oxidize the Pd to PdO and then cooled to room temperature. When the temperature was raised to 140° C in the presence of CO, the PdO reduced to Pd metal. Results of the experiments were analyzed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and diffuse reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (DRIFTS) at the X-ray Science Division 9-BM beamline at the Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source. "

Read the full text of "Improved Low-Temperature Performance of Catalytic Converters"

picture of Alumina

CMEM featured in Chemical & Engineering News for work on carbon coatings to improve hydrothermal stability

December 03, 2012

picture of Jason Townson

Above: SBA-15 coated with a thin carbon film remains unchanged even after hours of exposure to water. Credit: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed

Chemical & Engineering News' News of the Week for December 03, 2012 has an article featuring UNM CMEM. Abhaya K. Datye, Hien N. Pham, and Amanda E. Anderson found that the SBA-15 supports can be protected by coating them with a thin carbon layer. Read "Low-Cost Protection For Biomass-Processing Catalysts". The article was written by Mitch Jacoby.

"The Friday Afternoon Breakthrough" features CMEM faculty Jason L. Townson

November 13, 2012

picture of Jason Townson

Above: Bryon Kaehr, left, and Jason Townson.

A recent UNM Today article, "The Friday Afternoon Breakthrough", features CMEM faculty Jason L. Townson. Read the full text of "The Friday Afternoon Breakthrough" at UNM Today.

Hongyou Fan is 2012 Asian American Engineer of the Year

January 30, 2012

picture of Hongyou Fan

Hongyou Fan, faculty in the Center for Micro-Engineered Materials, has been awarded the prestigious Asian American Engineer of the Year Award for 2012. More information about the award can be found at:

Research Rocks: Cooking Up Science

December 03, 2010

Bianca Garcia and her mentor Bernadette Hernandez were interviewed by KOAT on their research regarding Marine Hydro Kinetic Technology which is a device that uses the ocean waves and currents to generate renewable electricity.

picture of Bianca Garica working lab

Above: Bianca Garcia working on ocean waves without the ocean

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