Hitachi S-5200 Nano SEM

Hitachi S-5200 Nano

Hitachi D-5200

It is the highest resolution SEM available today. The magnification range goes from 100 X to 2,000,000 X. It is capable of remote access using the Quartz PCI Image acquisition system. The PGT EDS system will be installed in March 2004. It is ideally suited for observation of non conductive materials such as ceramics, polymers, catalysts, biological materials and semiconductors. The instrument will be accessible via a web based interface. Guaranteed resolution at 1 kV is 1.7 nm and at 30 kV is 0.5 nm

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Sample Data Obtained by Hitachi S-5200


Instrument Location

Instrument Location

Scanning Electron Microscopy User Rates

Scheduling and Contact

To schedule time on this instrument or to learn more about its capabilities and user fees, etc. please contact:

Geoff Courtin, Research Engineer II: Chemical & Nuclear Engineering

Tito Busani, Nanoscience Lab Manager