JEOL 8200 Microprobe

JEOL 8200 microprobe with 5 wavelength dispersive (WD) spectrometers and an ultrathin-window energy dispersive spectrometer.

JOEL 8200

Two spectrometers are high sensitivity detectors and one spectrometer has a large PET crystal suitable for precise measurement of Pb, Th, U at low concentrations. It provides superior spot resolution for imaging and analysis of small particles using a LaB6 gun .It is an ideal system for both major and trace element investigation and analysis of light elements.It can provide high resolution and high sensitivity X-ray maps over entire thin sections.

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Instrument Location

JEOL 8200 Microprobe User Rates

Scheduling and Contact

To schedule time on this instrument or to learn more about its capabilities and user fees, etc. please contact:

Mike Spilde
Research Scientist III, Institute of Meteoritics

Rick Bradley
Nanoscience Lab Manager